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Dr Dino Georgas

BSc, DMD, MSD, Cert. Perio, FCDS(BC), Periodontist Vancouver, BC


Dr. Georgas received his Bachelors Degree in cell biology from the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada. He completed his dental studies at UBC as well, receiving several awards and graduating with honors in 1990. He continued his postgraduate education at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA to specialize in Periodontics & Implant surgery. Dr. Georgas attained his Masters Degree in Science on his research in Africa on the Oral Manifestations of HIV in female patients. He continued to work as an Assistant Professor in Periodontics at the University of Washington and co-authored several articles in national and international journals. In 1999 he was invited to become at Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC where he still teaches at the graduate Periodontics program.

Dr. Georgas began his private practice in Vancouver, BC as a Certified Specialist in Periodontics in 1998. He provides all aspects of periodontal care with an emphasis on periodontal plastic procedures and implant associated surgeries. He has mentored numerous study clubs and has lectured in conferences and hands-on courses for dentists and dental hygienists.

Well the options for dental implants, they allow us to replace a single missing tooth.

One implant will support a crown. If multiple teeth are missing, we can have a single implant supporting each tooth, or we can place one implant on either end of the space where the teeth are missing and have a bridge placed.

All of these dental implant options will allow you to have something that is non-removable. It’s retained like your teeth normally would be, and you can function, and eat, and smile all at a normal pace, at a normal standard.

If you’re interested in the implant bridge option, or single teeth implant option, I would suggest speaking to your dentist. They can provide an assessment, and from there refer you to the proper sources to determine which is the best treatment option for you.

Presenter: Dr. Dino Georgas, Periodontist, Vancouver, BC

Local Practitioners: Periodontist

Dr. Dino Georgas, BSc, DMD, MSD, Cert. Perio, FCDS(BC),discusses smoking and dental health.

Well, smoking can affect the mouth in many ways.

Firstly, it can help promote the progression of periodontal disease. Secondarily, it can affect the way a patient would heal from surgery, whether it’s a bone graft or a gum graft, or if we’re doing some treatment that’s aesthetic or cosmetic.

Lastly, smoking can contribute to failure long term of treatment we provided. That could include failure around a cosmetic procedure. It can deteriorate the levels of the bone around the teeth, as well as implants, and it can cause relapse, a recession of the gums.

So overall, a patient will do much better if they don’t smoke. If they do smoke, it’s advised that the patients minimize the amount of smoking that they do, so that there’s less of a risk for them over the long term.

And for the benefit of our younger patients, we do know that the effects of smoking are cumulative. The longer you smoke, there’s more chance over your lifetime that damage will occur. The best option is to minimize your smoking, or please just don’t start smoking at all.

If you have any questions about the effects of smoking, and how this may have affected your periodontal health, the best source would be to speak to your dentist and let them do an examination.

Presenter: Dr. Dino Georgas, Periodontist, Vancouver, BC

Local Practitioners: Periodontist

Dr. Dino Georgas, Periodontist Vancouver, BC

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