• What is Yoga

    Yoga is an ancient practice that may have originated in India. It involves movement,  and breathing techniques to promote mental and physical well-being.

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    <p>Rachel Wainwright discusses <a href="https://smartfood-now.com/yoga-for-insomnia-anxiety">yoga for insomnia.</a></p>

    Rachel Wainwright discusses yoga for insomnia.

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    <p>Rachel Wainwright discusses yoga for stress and anxiety.</p>

    Rachel Wainwright discusses yoga for stress and anxiety.

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    <p>Sarah Harrison discusses How Yoga Can Help With Digestion</p>

    Sarah Harrison discusses How Yoga Can Help With Digestion

  • Yoga for Insomnia

    Well, yoga will help with insomnia. It will help relax your muscles, calm your mind, so you can fall asleep and find a deeper sleep. It’s really important to restore the body, and it will help you become a happier, healthier person in the long run.

    So, it’s either recommended doing a more active practice in the morning such as Vinyasa yoga, or an active Hatha class, or a power yoga class. And this is recommended to do about three times a week in the morning, or an option is to do a gentle Hatha yoga class or a Yin type yoga practice in the evening to help relax your body, unwind from the day, and then the time you go home, you’ll be able to sleep like a baby.


    If you’ve woken up and your muscles are cramping, you feel stiff aches or pain, yoga poses will definitely help. There’s many that you can actually do in your bed. For example, you can come into Child’s Pose, and you can just breathe into that spot, focus onto that spot. Bring your energy, your attention there, and just breathe through it. And this will help calm your mind and help relax your body, and hopefully you’ll be able to fall into a nice deep sleep.

    If you feel yoga will help you with your insomnia, contact a local qualified instructor near you. Presenter: Ms. Rachel Wainwright, Yoga Instructor, Vancouver, BC

    Local Practitioners: Yoga Instructor

  • How Yoga Can Help With Digestion

    Yoga for better digestion is essentially a form of using deep breath work, oxygenating your body, then being able to use extension, compression, twists and a vareity of postures that are completely accessible for pretty much anyone.

    You can do classes that are a little bit more gentle or those that are a liitle bit stronger depending on your preference. We end every class with really deep relaxation that helps your nervous system to relax, getting your body out of fight or flight and into its rest and digest mode.


    This enables your body to essentially reset its nervous system over time, creating a really beautiful balance within. This can help you with any condition that you have, specifically to do with digestion, but also whether you have stress, anxiety, sleep apnea, trouble sleeping in general, and anything that has to do with inflammatory concerns such as arthritis, IBS, and Crohn’s disease. Local Physiotherapist.

    If you have questions about yoga for digestion, contact a local yoga teacher. Pour plus d'informations et les services locaux des psychiatres ou psychologues locaux ou des conseillers locaux à Montréal et à Québec PQ, contactez votre psychiatre local

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