Mr. Bill Semchuk

Pharmacist Regina, SK

Mr. Bill Semchuk, BSP, M.Sc., Pharm D, FCSHP, Pharmacist, discusses how augmenting lifestyle improvements with medications can help obesity patients lose weight.


Pharmacy and Manager of Clinical Pharmacy Services for Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region.

Assistant Clinical Professor, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, College of Medicine at University of Saskatchewan

Wm. Semchuk, M.Sc., Pharm.D., FCSHP Manager, Clinical Pharmacy Services Director, RQHR Hospital Pharmacy Residency Program Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region 1440-14th Ave Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 0W5

High Cholesterol and the Importance of Adherence to Medication

High cholesterol is a chronic condition, and it affects a lot of Canadians. We can’t fix your cholesterol, but we can lower it with medications. Because cholesterol stays up without intervention you need to take these medications for the rest of your life.

Current statistics would suggest that about half of Canadians stop taking their medications within a year to two of starting. The challenge with that is the longer you take your medications the greater the benefit.

And those people who stop their medications early lose the benefit of that therapy. It’s really important when you are prescribed a new medication to talk to your doctor and ask how long do you expect me to take this?

It’s really important that you talk to your pharmacist and say how long do you expect me to take this? And put yourself in a position not to run out of your medications. Work with your pharmacist to ensure that refills are there. Work with your pharmacist to make it easy to take those medications if you face any challenges.

Taking medications over the long term will reduce heart attacks and strokes. If you want more information on cholesterol and the effect of medications and the importance of adherence, talk to your pharmacist – they can help.

Presenter: Mr. Bill Semchuk, Pharmacist, Regina, SK

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