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Dr. Dalila Laïb-Barama

Pointe-Claire, QC
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If you are looking for local services or  treatment from your local endocrinologist  in the office or hospital from a Local Endocrinologist, contact a provider such as ( Dr. Dalila Laïb-Barama ) to inquire if they are accepting patients or you need a referral.   Phone number to book an appointment 514-630-2225 #1821 ( Dr. Dalila Laïb-Barama ) is in good standing with the The Canadian Diabetes Association .   ( Dr. Dalila Laïb-Barama )  treats a variety of conditions, including  (insulin therapy).and is  good standing with the Canadian Medicial Association and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.

( Dr. Dalila Laïb-Barama, Local Endocrinologist Pointe-Claire, QC ), may talk about some of the conditions and some of the treatment options shown on the videos. Always talk with your Local Endocrinologist about the information you learnt from the videos in regards to treatments for  Blood Glucose Monitor and procedures the Local Endocrinologistcould  perform and if they would be appropriate for you. Remember good information from your Local Endocrinologist is the corner stone to understanding your Glycemic Index condition or disease.

Please contact ( Dr. Dalila Laïb-Barama, Local Endocrinologist Pointe-Claire, QC ) to enquire if this health care provider is accepting new patients.  This means that glucose in the blood goes above the normal range, which is also called post prandial hyperglycemia If you’ve been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, you’ll work closely with your healthcare team to manage the disease and prevent complications. Your primary care provider may refer you to an endocrinologist, a doctor who is specially trained in conditions affected the glands and hormones. An insulin pump is a portable, battery-operated device that delivers a continuous amount of fast-acting insulin. Patients insert a small tube called a canula under the skin, and the insulin pump delivers automatic doses of insulin via this small tube.

Family physicians follow guidelines for the prevention, treatment, management and assessment of diabetes, and the goal of diabetic care is to reduce the risk of cardiovascular metabolic disease and heart disease. Some people use a sensor inserted under the skin, called a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), to check blood sugar levels. A flash glucose meter (FGM) is a newer device that doesn’t require you to prick your finger – it uses sensor scans. Some people use a sensor inserted under the skin, called a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), to check blood sugar levels. However, if people have diabetes and it’s not very well controlled, the glucose rises after the meal and can stay higher for a longer period of time. This is known as postprandial hyperglycemia

If you repeatedly inject insulin in the same location on your body, fat and scar tissue can accumulate. Lipohypertrophy is an abnormal accumulation of fat underneath the surface of the skin. Stats show that up to 50 percent of people with type 1 diabetes experience lipohypertrophy at some point. To prevent lipohypertrophy, always rotate your sites and rotate within your sites. There’s a lot of space that you can use within each injection zone. Trouvez des informations ou des testeurs locaux comme des endocrinologues locaux à montréal et à québec

Type 1 diabetes treatment includes lifelong insulin therapy, diet and exercise changes and blood glucose monitoring. Blood glucose monitoring is a way of testing the concentration of glucose in the blood (glycemia). You can determine if you have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) by using a blood glucose meter or a newer method called flash glucose monitoring. Hypoglycemia is defined as blood sugar below 70 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL), or 3.9 millimoles per liter (mmol/L).  Souvent, consulter un médecin de famille local ou un physiothérapeute en collaboration avec un diététiste et un thérapeute du sport est une excellente option pour prendre le contrôle de cette condition. Les traitements peuvent varier selon le patient et selon le médecin, alors encore une fois, prenez rendez-vous et parlez-en à votre médecinà Montréal et à Québec. 


Dr. Dalila Laïb-Barama, Local Endocrinologist, Pointe-Claire QC, Diabetes NOW

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