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  • Stretching

    Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight.

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    <p><a href="">Kinesiologists</a> discusses stretching philosophy in exercise.</p>

    Kinesiologists discusses stretching philosophy in exercise.

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    <p><a href="">kinesiologist,</a> discusses hip flexor stretches to build flexibility.</p>

    kinesiologist, discusses hip flexor stretches to build flexibility.

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    <p><a href="">Kinesiologists</a> discusses How do you Perform a Seated Hip Stretch</p>

    Kinesiologists discusses How do you Perform a Seated Hip Stretch

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    <p>&nbsp;<a href="">Kinesiologist</a>&nbsp; discusses calf strength exercises.</p>

     Kinesiologist  discusses calf strength exercises.

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    <p><a href="">Kinesiologist</a>, discusses gluteal stretches.</p>

    Kinesiologist, discusses gluteal stretches.

  • How do you Perform a Seated Hip Stretch

    A very effective hip stretch, although it might be a bit hard to start is this position right here, where we simply get one leg over top of the other leg. What I like to focus on is getting nice high upper body posture and then I like to focus on getting my leg into this position.


    What I like to focus on, is almost within a sense is taking my hip and pushing it backwards and bringing my knee forwards so that I get almost a separation between the hip, the quad and the low back. If I can get myself into a nice position where I am just sort of pulling my leg this way and taking the other part that way, I get a nice separation in the hip.                          

    A lot of you are going to find this is a very, very hard position to get into. But, I guarantee you that if you simply persevere and you look at it as a six-week to three-month process, you will be sitting there like this over time and your hips will be significantly looser.  A local chiropractor may work with your local massage therapist and your local physiotherapist to create the best health or rehabilitation plan for your situation. 

    That is what we want to think about. How do we get out hips looser over time because they take a lot of pressure with the amount of sitting we have been doing.


  • Gluteal Stretch

    To stretch the large gluteal muscles of the bum this is a very effective stretch.What I like to do is lie on my back, support my neck, I like to bring the knee up into the chest. And what I like to do is I like to fire up all my bum muscles, and here I like to suck in my stomach, and from here I do a gentle pull in.  Often seeing a local family physician or a physiotherapist in conjunction with a registered dietitian and athletic therapist is a great option to take control of this condition. Smart Food Now and exercise is also optominal for overall health. 

    And the other variation of that is just to fire up all the muscles all around it and then hold and then do a slight push with your leg against your hands. This is a very effective stretch for stretching out the gluteals.

    Bring it in, let it relax, bring it in, and let it relax, and the whole time keeping this whole area slightly contracted 10, 15 percent, you’ll find it a very effective tool for just loosening up the gluteal muscles in the ass.

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